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This section of our site contains published articles about RAYNET. While unashamedly biased towards articles about Sutton Coldfield RAYNET, we will endeavour to include news from other groups and RAYNET in general. The articles you see on this page are direct scans from the publications. These are reduced resolution versions that may not display well on a computer screen. You can click the article title to see a text version or on the image to download a full size version of the scan.

Sutton Coldfield Observer 25 April 2003 Feature

Radio hams on hand to help

The following clarifies points in the above article which may be misleading:

  • While there is no age restriction on obtaining an amateur radio license, for legal reasons, the minimum age is 14 for RAYNET membership
  • Control vehicle is shared by West Midlands RAYNET with the Red Cross

Sutton Coldfield Observer 18 April 2003 Birmingham Youth Services Night Operation

Radio hams to the rescue